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EXCLUSIVE: Curran Walters On His 'Titans' Future and a Red Hood Solo Project

Actor Curran Walters has been playing Jason Todd/Red Hood on Titans since 2018, marking the character’s live action debut. He loves playing the role and could see himself doing it for a long time, but he’s also got his eye on the horizon! At this year’s Motor City Comic Con, I had the opportunity to speak with Curran Walters about Titans, a potential Red Hood solo project, and what he wants to do next.

Uday Kataria: So the first question I have for you is, obviously you’re the first person to originate the role of Jason Todd in live action, so is it kind of daunting to know that you’re setting the tone for any future actors that are going to be playing that role?

Curran Walters: It’s quite a cool feeling to be honest because you know, you can take on the pressure and be nervous and everything, but I take it on, I love it. I’m here for the challenge and you know, to set that bar, so… it’s great.

UK: That’s good to know. Also I know that last year there were rumors swirling about a solo Jason Todd movie or TV show, obviously you wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny it-

CW: I have no idea! (laughs)

UK: …but is that something you’d be interested in?

CW: Of course! Of course. I love this character, you know, I grew up with this character now, so… that would be absolutely amazing, yeah.

UK: Can you give us any hint of where you’re going to go in season 4 of Titans after the end of season 3?

CW: Ohhhh… I can’t say too much, but… it’s gonna be a really good season. Very good season, yeah.

UK: And then finally, are there any roles you’re interested in exploring outside of the superhero world? Because I know that you’ve guest starred in a couple of sitcoms, would you be interested in going back to that?

CW: I mean… you know, I think generally I would like to transition to the film world after this, and you know, do more dramas or serious indie movies or whatever so… but I would love to do Red Hood for the next 10 years if I could.

Titans (HBO Max)

UK: I’m sure a lot of people are gonna be really happy to hear that!

CW: Exactly, yeah! That’s good, that’s good.

UK: All right, thank you so much for your time.

CW: Thank you so much, thank you!

That’s it for my interview with Curran Walters, but check out my interview with his co-star Brenton Thwaites for more Titans awesomeness!

NOTE: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

This article was originally posted on The Cosmic Circus.

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