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Caity Lotz Reveals Cancelled ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 8 Plot Details

Three weeks ago, Arrowverse fans were devastated when The CW cancelled Legends of Tomorrow, one of the craziest superhero shows ever brought to the small screen. Unfortunately the series won’t be given a proper ending, but it seems plans were indeed in place for the future. Leading star Caity Lotz, who’s portrayed Sara Lance/White Canary for almost 10 years, took to the stage at Motor City Comic Con to set the record straight.

Lotz partnered up with her onscreen sister Katie Cassidy for a panel about the Canaries, the Arrowverse, and Legends of Tomorrow’s murky future. While most of the discussion was retrospective, a well-timed fan question blew the lid on some key details from Legends’ cancelled eighth season. Apparently, Season 8 would have taken place in a prison environment where the Legends team, acting as Time Masters, would train a new group of heroes to protect the timeline!

The Future of Legends of Tomorrow

Season 7 left the Legends in a tough place, with “Mike”, AKA Booster Gold, arriving with the Waverider before he and the Legends are arrested by the Time Masters. According to Caity Lotz, Season 8 would have picked up directly from this cliffhanger. Dealing with the Legends’ time crimes would have been a central focus for the season (and a consequence that’s long overdue).

“Um… we were gonna be in jail. So, basically, we’d kind of… [be] learning how to be responsible… Time Masters, so to say, or you know, time travelers, so like a retraining. So they were gonna have us in jail, with a bunch of young cadets and stuff, and then we’re the old-school ones, like ‘We know how to do all of this! …But we’re doing it all wrong’. And then we have the whole Booster Gold storyline which I thought was gonna be so fun… but that’s kind of all I know about that. And then of course, yeah, Ava and Sara’s kid.”

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' Season 7 (The CW)

The End of the Legends?

It sounds like Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 would have been a lot like the beginning of Arrow Season 7, featuring our beloved heroes in prison. However, the Legends seem to be having a lot more fun than Oliver Queen! The “old team trains the new team” trope never gets old (at least for me), so Legends’ cancelled season sounds like it would have been an absolute blast. After so many seasons of the team being a loveable mess, it would have been hilarious to see them in charge and forced to be responsible leaders.

For what it’s worth, this would have been the second season in a row to break the show’s Waverider time-travel format by sticking the team into one location for (presumably) most of the season. While Season 7 still had fun time-related adventures, this season sounds much less crazy, which is odd for Legends. No one’s saying a prison season couldn’t be fun, but it doesn’t seem as out-there or up to the caliber Legends has established. On the other hand, a more focused season could have honed in on character development instead, especially if it was Legends’ last. It would have also been a great opportunity to bring back familiar faces such as Arthur Darvill’s Rip Hunter, an original Time Master from Season 1, or recently-departed characters like Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer (even if he did just show up in Season 7).

The Time Masters in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 1 (The CW)

Rebuilding the Time Masters is an interesting plot decision since Legends has always broken down the organizations that govern time, finding them to be corrupt and stagnant in their superiority. Of course, maybe that’s why the writers jumped on the opportunity to have the heroes themselves restructure the Time Masters and run things Legends-style! However, that’s also the type of storyline shows tend to end with. I do think Season 8 would have been Legends’ last, but they deserved to get a proper send-off instead of a sudden cancellation.

What do you think about the basic plot of Legends of Tomorrow’s cancelled eighth season? Would you have wanted to see something more eclectic than a prison boot camp? Let me know your thoughts below!

This article was originally posted on The Cosmic Circus.

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