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GoldenNinja3000 is a YouTube channel I founded in April 2012, focusing on all types of LEGO videos. I uploaded irregularly for several years but in April 2020 I began refocusing my channel and uploading consistently. In July 2020, the LEGO Group purchased one of my original ideas thanks to the LEGO World Builder platform. My "Ninjago: What If...?" world was developed into the short film "Golden Hour", which was released on LEGO's official YouTube channel on May 21st, 2021, practically a year to the day after I created the initial world. I joined the LEGO World Builder team in February 2021, working with Tongal as a Community Moderator before becoming the platform's Social Media Manager. I hope you stick around to see where I go next!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel and Patreon, and follow @GoldenNinja3000 on Instagram and Twitter!



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