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Yara Flor 'Wonder Girl' Series Coming to the Arrowverse

In a surprising announcement, a Wonder Girl TV series is coming to The CW!

The Arrowverse is growing even larger with the announcement of Wonder Girl. The new television series will explore the origin story of Yara Flor, who will make her debut as Wonder Woman in DC's Future State comics event beginning in January. Yara Flor is a Latina Dreamer whose parents were an Amazon and Brazilian river god. After discovering that she is Wonder Girl, she will have to use her new powers to help save the world.

Exploring a comic book character's origin story in live action is a fascinating development, especially considering that it's a brand-new character who hasn't even debuted yet. Yara Flor stands out as one of the most interesting new characters from DC Future State, especially since these major franchises have a massive fanbase in Brazil, and it's wonderful to see more Latinx representation in superhero projects.

Wonder Girl joins the ever-growing Arrowverse franchise. Despite two of its longest-running shows ending and HBO Max primed to become the home of DC television, it seems that DC isn't ready to give up on the Arrowverse quite yet, considering the addition of two new shows next year as well as the possibility of a third. The franchise's shows consist of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Batwoman, with Superman & Lois joining in 2021. Supergirl will be ending with its sixth season in 2021 after Arrow wrapped up its eight-season run earlier this year, but fans are still waiting to find out if the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff show has been picked up to series.

I'm excited for Wonder Girl, and I think it could be a fantastic replacement for Supergirl. While I love the Supergirl character, her show has become stale and I'm not upset about it ending since we'll still have a Kryptonian show ongoing that she can appear in! Wonder Girl can fill Supergirl's spot as the flagship female-led show for the Arrowverse, as I expect it to be much closer in tone to Supergirl than Batwoman is. Yara Flor seems like an awesome new character (with a fantastic design), and I'm excited to be seeing her in live action so soon!

What do you think of this new addition to the Arrowverse? Are you excited to see Yara Flor join the DC universe? Comment below!

Source: Deadline

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