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GoldenNinja3000 February 2021 Channel Update

Today I'm announcing a few changes to my YouTube channel! These changes aren't anything major, but I did want to make a small post chronicling them in one place.

First of all, I now have comprehensive playlists on my channel. You can find one for pretty much every LEGO theme I cover, including LEGO Harry Potter, Ninjago, Marvel and DC Super Heroes, Friends, City, Creator, and more! In addition to the themed playlists, I do have some offshoots as well. These include an 18+ playlist focusing on the more unique product lines like Art and the Botanical/Helmet Collections, subthemes like Ninjago Legacy and MCU Disney+ videos, and LEGO hauls and unboxings. I also have a separate LEGO World Builder playlist where you can easily find updates on the Hands of Time project.

Next, I'm seeking input on how to go forward with the MCU Disney+ coverage. I've launched a poll on my channel (click on the link below) asking you to vote between weekly episode reviews like I've been doing for WandaVision or just a couple videos throughout each series' run. Please vote and let me know what you guys want to see from me! This will help shape the focus of my channel for 2021 and potentially launch an ongoing (weekly) series of videos.

Finally, I hope to start integrating more LEGO World Builder content into my channel. I'm now a team member on the platform and I'd love to showcase more ideas on my channel, but I'm not sure how I'm going to go about that yet. If anyone else has been active on World Builder I'd love to hear some of your thoughts!

I'll also try to shift back to posting on the site regularly while I continue to upload daily videos. That's it for today!

- GoldenNinja3000

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