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Six New 'WandaVision' Posters Released

Six WandaVision posters have been released over the past week, showing off the different sitcom eras explored in the series.

Starting on Friday, December 4th, Marvel Studios has released one new WandaVision poster per day. The posters feature a television against a different background with various items around the room and art hanging on the walls, with each poster reflecting a different decade of Wanda's sitcom-based reality. The top left corner of every poster shows wallpaper peeling off to reveal purple static underneath, representing Wanda's reality-warping actions.

The 1950s

The 50s are the decade that most of WandaVision's marketing has focused on, with its classic black-and-white styling and representation of the quintessential American life.

The 1960s

It appears that the black-and-white theme will continue into the second episode of the series (assuming that each episode is set in a different decade, which is based on speculation and hasn't been confirmed). However, what's most interesting here is the black top hat on the TV. We know from set pictures and toys that a circus or magic show sequence will feature in the series, with Elizabeth Olsen being spotted on set in a sparkly red leotard and toys showing Wanda as a magician's assistant and Vision in his human form as the magician. It looks like the sequence will occur in the 1960s, which I didn't expect since I was hoping it would be in color.

The 1970s

The 1970s are where the show transitions to color, and this era seems to be inspired by The Brady Bunch. We know that Wanda is pregnant at this point as well. The biggest difference in this poster is the large chunk of purple static in the corner, which is larger than it is in every other one.

The 1980s

The 1980s seemingly take inspiration from Family Ties and this is where Wanda gives birth to her twin sons, Billy and Tommy. The artwork of two birds hanging on the wall could represent her children.

The 1990s

This poster is my second favorite, featuring the iconic Halloween episode that we know will be a major turning point in WandaVision's story. The pumpkin basket on the TV and Wanda and Vision's classic comic book costumes stand out wonderfully, and I love that image of the two of them. They look fantastic in the cheap classic outfits, and I really hope Scarlet Witch gets her headdress and a proper superhero costume at the end of the series instead of the red trench coat she's been wearing since Captain America: Civil War. I don't know what the three eggs in the top right corner painting represent, although some have speculated that it's a hint at Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Polaris, the three children of Magneto. I think it's more likely that it represents Wanda, Billy, and Tommy, as they're the only living members of their family since Vision is still dead in the real world. The Halloween episode is where I expect Wanda's reality to begin shattering around her, especially since we've seen Agnes tell Vision that he's dead in the trailer.

The 2000s

Today's final (?) poster reveals one of our only looks at the 2000s era of WandaVision, and this is my favorite poster due to the different background color and because it's something we haven't really seen before. While I don't know what the basket next to the TV and the painting on the wall represent, the magic 8 ball in the TV stand could be confirmation of the number of episodes in the series. Curiously, Wanda's hair appears to be brown again in this image (it's been a light orange color since Avengers: Infinity War), and her eyes are green. The Mind Stone in Vision's forehead seems to be red, hinting that she could be controlling him or doing something to his mind, although the color inconsistency of the Infinity Stone and Wanda's eyes may just be effects of the TV display. This is likely the episode that takes inspiration from The Office, and fans have pointed out that Wanda's hair in this poster resembles Pam's hair in the show.

My excitement for WandaVision is through the roof, and I can't wait to start watching it in January! Tomorrow is Disney's Investor's Day, where they will focus on Disney+ with a slew of announcements and news about the streaming service. With the countdown to December 10th seemingly completed, tomorrow could be the day we finally get a full-length second trailer for WandaVision. If we do, I hope we see a few more glimpses of the real world and what's actually going on behind the sitcoms.

Do you like the new WandaVision posters? Which decade are you most excited to see? Comment below!

WandaVision begins streaming exclusively on Disney+ on January 15th, 2021.

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