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New LEGO Vidiyo Theme Set List and Details

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

There's a new LEGO theme releasing in March 2021: LEGO Vidiyo!

This is the result of LEGO's partnership with Universal Music, announced back in April of 2020.

Vidiyo apparently revolves around using your LEGO sets to make music videos, with the help of an app featuring Universal Music's biggest stars. The theme will have seven sets, six of which are priced at $20 and one at $5, which I think might be a blind bag series similar to the Super Mario Character Packs. The sets will be cubes with special minifigures in different styles, like DJs, rock stars, and more. There are also sets with stages and some with big radio builds. These small sets will contain special 2x2 tiles with album covers that are either printed or stickers. Like Hidden Side, you'll be able to scan the tiles with your smartphone to play music, add 3D effects, and create choreography.

This theme sounds pretty interesting. It's definitely out of the box for LEGO, but I am worried about how many times they'll try the app integration. I liked Hidden Side a lot in the beginning, but the summer 2020 sets weren't as cool as the original ones and it seems like the app gimmick got old quickly. I much prefer the technology integration in the Super Mario sets, but I'm excited to see which minifigures LEGO makes for Vidiyo if they're going to be real-world musicians!

What do you think about this new LEGO theme, and which singers would you like to see as minifigures? Comment below!

Sources: and @stu._d on Instagram

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