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LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review Results Announced

The results of the LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review have been revealed!

Two projects survived the review process, but only one has been approved in this round. Disneybrick55's Earth Globe was approved to become a real LEGO set, while Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone by toastergrl is still under consideration.

Additionally, the Music to our Ears contest has resulted in Legendary Stratocaster by TOMOELL being chosen for production.

I love the globe and hoped it would be made into a set. I think it'll go perfectly with the Ship In a Bottle, which is being rereleased in just a few weeks! I don't particularly care about Sonic since I never played the video games, but the set looks cool and would make an interesting companion to the LEGO Super Mario sets that were released in August. I didn't even know that a contest was running and have no interest in guitars so the last project isn't for me, unless the final set just knocks my socks off with the design of the builds.

What do you think about the Ideas projects chosen for production? Which is your favorite? Comment below!

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