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First Look at 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Released

Marvel Studios has released the teaser trailer and first poster for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

Hot on the heels of WandaVision, the first poster and trailer for the second Marvel Studios Disney+ Original Series has been released! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was originally supposed to debut in August 2020 and be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney+, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first look has also revealed that the series begins streaming on March 19th, just one week after the end of WandaVision (if it actually has 9 episodes).

The series will feature the return of Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter, both of whom were last seen in Captain America: Civil War. We will also see the debut of John Walker, better known as U.S. Agent, and Flag-Smasher. The trailer features plenty of teases for the direction of the series, although it's incredibly light on Zemo, Sharon Carter, and U.S. Agent. We do get some fantastic shots of Bucky and Sam's new outfits, though!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier begins streaming exclusively on Disney+ on March 19th, 2021.


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